Not So Disappointing


Clouds gather, linger and juxtapose with the sun; a brilliant sunset in the making; anticipation of diffused light illuminating the sky and it’s billowing masses. This is the hope of those who assemble; families, groups of friends, individuals; the gathering of strangers merges to form the shoreline audience. Cameras in hand they wait for the show; a spectacular display of which they are most certain.

Their planning is fine tuned, the timing perfectly executed, and expectations well defined. Confidence in their efforts is punctuated by the easily overheard conversations; “We have all the right stuff. We did it. This is it. We can’t miss. Just watch.”

But the display disappoints their plans and expectations. No brilliance, no neon colored clouds, no sky amass with color, no intensity; instead only a single glowing dot lowers into the sea; the conquering darkness closes in, over and around the spectators dousing their hopes for the spectacular. There is murmuring, cameras are returned to pockets; dispersing, the crowd walks away; shoulders shrug with the echo of  voices, “That was disappointing. All that for nothing. Not very pretty.” None bother to glance back for a last look; there is nothing to see.

I, remain. It is quiet in the dimming light except for the rhythmic breathing of the sea; inhale, the wave draws back, exhale a new wave rolls in; draw back, roll in; draw back, roll in. My own thoughts may have, momentarily, concurred; it was a disappointing sunset, nevertheless, I am here and I have been “here” before; in the seemingly disappointing. The not so difficult decision is to stay; give more time, allow the present light to show itself, enjoy what is, and take pictures. Interestingly, a not so different process from letting light into my soul; it, too, requires slowing down the shutter and giving time; an invitation to what is, to enter in and be recorded onto my sensors.

The evenings photographic outcome: soft, translucent, gossamer images which are not the least bit disappointing.

The personal outcome: Even in darkness and seeming disappointment, there is light; the majesty and splendor of His glory; and it is not the least bit disappointing.

I need only to remember the settings; slow down, give time, look for and expect the unexpected.

Blessings ~ Kathleen

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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