The Journey Continues…

A New Year’s confession ~ I love fog; it’s delightful. It isn’t surprising then that foggy peripheries are a component of the first blog post for both 2015 and 2016; albeit the first post of 2016 comes mid-February. I have a personal perspective on fog, but aside from that, fog is also seemingly indicative of an approach to life’s journey, especially at the beginning of a new year when persons … look ahead, make plans, sets goals, construct lists, and adapt resolute actions … and then, go headlong into a fog bank not seeing the step in front of them; headlong into a scrim in the theatre of the unknown new year. We lose our way. Oh, so easily. So quickly.

This is not to suggest that planning or looking ahead be ignored, but rather, that the uncertainties of our dealings in a new year, hence, “the fog,” be considered as a soft hedge of protection. Always … so quiet, hushed and still, fog slows us, causes us to get our bearings, to gather reassurance for where we are and where we’re going and to proceed with caution … it is the precious opportunity to seek, listen for and expect, wisdom and direction from the small, whisper voice of God. We will never know our true way, fulfill our destiny or live in the full abundance of all that God intends for us unless we learn to heed the hedges. It is of immeasurable importance in the glorious plan that we depend on Him in all we do, for all we are.

I love walking in fog. I am especially fond of photographing in it. Quieting my self-thoughts, I travel further into the silence and give space and time to God. He is there … waiting for each of us … Be still. Be quiet. Trust. Rejoice in His presence and in the wonderful hedge of protection that comes by way of an obscured path … He leads one step at a time. Never hurried, but always with forward motion.

Perhaps pausing upon an image or two will give the feel for the location environed by the pleasant softness and silence of the fog. Be still and enjoy.


Blessings for 2016 ~


“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”   – Ralph Waldo Emerson


3 thoughts on “The Journey Continues…

  1. Beautiful – words and pictures… and if I’m not mistaken – I think this is your birth month. If so hope it was a wonderful day!!! One of my fav memories is the first time I had fondue – at your house for your birthday. Pretty sure it wasn’t Pam’s but yours. I still love to do fondue for a special dinner. Last time was about 3 yrs. ago for a friend who because she was in the middle of chemo didn’t really celebrate her birthday. So when she was feeling good – I treated her and family to their first fondue dinner – they loved it. Still in awe of you 🙂 Patti


  2. Always a joy to have you visit the site. Supportive comments and personal preferences regarding the images are truly a gift. I thank you. It is the likes of these that give inspiration, insight and guidance for growth as photographer… The sweet memories … bring smiles and a thankful heart for the gracious life and friends I have been given …

    Blessings for the day ~


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