Write This Down …

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Easter week in my location was of storms; constant deluges of rain, lightning, and thunder. Though not perfect Easter morning weather, the church was packed out; the foyer brimming over with dripping, rain-soaked umbrellas, shoulder-to-shoulder raincoat clad worshippers; and cars, so many vehicles; there were those whose passengers waded through the waters and others formed a line one-by-one under the portico to drop families off.  

I, myself, was a “wader.” I never thought of high heeled platform shoes as a hedge against high water, until I stepped from the car…that’s when the thought occurred to me, “These shoes are great for wading.” Not so. The thought swooped out of my head as quickly as it had arrived. These shoes were no match for the water that rose well above “platform height.” Nevertheless, smiles and giggles were abundant among the dueling umbrellas running through the parking lot. 

The rest of the day was enjoyed with family at home, “the Happy Gathering Place” … we found Easter baskets, gave thanks for the wonderful lunch buffet of roast beef, pasta, deviled eggs, sides and fixins’, and played games. Aaand the rain, oh yes, we continued to enjoy the rain, as the rain continued to pour.

Not until late Easter afternoon, at the end of the fourth day of heavy storms did the clouds break. Blue skies peeked through the dark and dreary like pale blue Easter eggs waiting to be found by excited children, the sun was there, too, displaying the bright yellows and oranges of hidden eggs, and the seas, still rolling, were white with waves, a reminder of the pure white of the lilies that had flanked the Easter morning alter.

The break in weather brought an evening stillness, of sort. Families had gone home and the day was done. Wherever they were, I hope the others took time to notice it all, surely they did. It was in such contrast to what was earlier and what now is; from a dark, foreboding, low heaviness to the light, opulent window of lifted spaciousness; room to breathe and room to grow, if you will. Indeed, a stark contrast from what was and what now is; seemingly a visible expression of a life transformed. It brings the morning’s message to mind. God promises, “I will” … Save, Free, Restore, Fulfill. Jesus has risen. He IS alive. Life through Him is transformed; from cumbersome, heavy and dreary to freedom, bright and beautiful!

Write this down

… in your heart, know for certain: Jesus loves you. All is forgiven. Now, forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead … (Phil 3:13)   Forgetting is not about memory, it’s about moving on. It’s not allowing the past to dictate the future. It is remembering where we are brought back from as we look forward to the saved, free, restored, fulfilled life that lies ahead.

Hoping your Easter was blessed ~


“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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