Making Tracks

Wait upon the Lord (Is 40:31)

Is not a call to do nothing …

…but rather His cue to keep goingkeep workingkeep doingTRUST even though it seems like you’re going in circles

You know those circles … they’re like Lionel train tracks laid out on the living room floor… it goes in circles; albeit oblong, round or free-form, nevertheless, it goes round and round and round without getting anywhere.

Circles; adorable for a Lionel train, not so much so for the rest of us. There is a ‘rest of the story’ however, and that is … ‘in His time’ and ‘in His way’ progress will be made. These wonderful truths brought joy and a smile; sweet residuals of a personal breakthrough that was long in coming …

Struggling within the relentless, wearying, maze of seemingly ‘nowheres-ville’ ~ God worketh. In His good and perfect time He sends the person, persons, object or circumstance that unveils that which you need to move forward … Ahh, yes! The blessed intervenors; straight pieces of track, if you will, track to break out from the circular pattern; Woo hoo! Got the piece that moves me forward – yes, but …

… Indeed, He delivers the missing piece, the information or help that is needed, but forward motion isn’t achieved until I, myself, do the work of activating that which He has graciously given. It is my battle and it is my energy that must be spent to accomplish the task.

Surprising to me, it took several more hours, and hurtles, stretched across three more days before it all came to pass. It had been a very long time in coming; months. It had been draining, and I was exhausted, but excited. Emotionally, the aftermath ranged from super-charged to surreal, and somewhere in the grateful mellowness of the realization of it all were thoughts of the sum of undetected little victories at the small whistle stops along that track that was going “nowhere.”

If you’re on the right track and you find yourself in circles … keep goingkeep workingkeep doingTRUST even though it seems like you’re not making progress. God is there with you building knowledge, understanding, character and the qualities needed for what lies ahead. In His time and in His way He WILL deliver the help you need…and then He’ll help you activate it. He’s never late. “…keep on doing what is right, and trust your lives to the God who created you, for he will never fail you.” I Pt 4:19

It is energizing to be in a clearing, to see an open door and to know here is the next step … but the reality is there will be other battles. Battles never end, they just change. No worries, just …

“Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Don’t be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. He will see to it that all the work related to the [task] of the Lord is finished correctly. (I Chron 28:20)

Blessings for your day ~


“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


6 thoughts on “Making Tracks

  1. As always I enjoy your writings. Was in Miami the first week of March…running all around with Heidi as she took her kids here, there everywhere. Sometimes we may have been going in circles :). As a homeschool mom she has no down time…I was exhausted but loved it. Anyway, I was really thinking of you when we went to Lily’s piano lesson – it was kind of near where you lived I think – but further west. Neighborhood looked so much the same. I wrote the cross roads down so I could ask you – 91 street and 96 ave. I didn’t think you were out as far as 96 but just felt like I was near. I remember your house so well – I remember Mark’s monkey, your mom in the kitchen, the summer we painted our bedrooms. Good memories. Love the pictures of your grandson on a train. Take care – Patti


    • Man, oh Man! Just posted a reply to another visitor and discovered this comment of yours had never been responded to. I am so sorry and totally taken back by how your personal thoughts and memories, so specifically noted, got by without a reply. Realizing the date on your post, that was a year ago. Oh, my! Just now in another post I commented that by world standards I am behind with posts and photo updates… so this proves it! Hahahaha! But God’s peace is beyond understanding and I am comfortable with His timing with all of this. All is exceedingly well here ~

      The neighborhood coordinates you wrote down, are, indeed, further west than where I lived. Sounds like you were out closer to Killian High School. Your memories are amazing…they are a joy to read and stir the same within me. Thank you for taking time to visit and share your thoughts.

      Hope all is well with you and yours.
      Blessings ~


  2. My first visit to your site and I am amazed at the photography and the messages. The images of your grandson are priceless. Blessings to you. Fran


    • So grateful for your visit, Fran. Thank you for perusing the photos and spending time reading some of the posts. Measured by world standards, I am, seemingly, behind in post and picture submissions and additions…but God’s timing is never like that of the world’s so I find myself at peace with the status of all. Blessings for your day ~ Kathleen


  3. Katie, Thanks for the reply….no problem that it was a year later. I mainly was a little concerned about you. Unbelievably we are getting older 😉 and I have friends that have died, or are dealing with severe health issues. I was very happy to receive your Christmas card/calendar…I knew you were still staying busy. I was in Miami again 2 weeks ago. Can’t ever be there, especially when we are on N. Kendall Drive and not think of you and Pam. Don’t know if you are aware that the Class of 1968 is having our 50th reunion the first weekend of next May. Not sure if I’ll go…but I would definitely go if you would go. Think about it. Take care “old” friend – Patti lol


    • Patti ~ Wonderful to hear from you. I had a virtual visit to Miami in April when my son and his wife, on their way back from Key West, made a sweep through my old neighborhoods and stomping grounds. They drove as I ‘rode along’ via phone and Google Earth so we were seeing the same things at the same time, sort of. We went by the house of early years, Pinecrest Elementary, Palmetto High and Suniland where I told them about practicing on ‘that’ field and about our homecoming parades through Suniland. They went to Continental Park where I use to catch tadpoles after the rain and of course by the house you are so familiar with…on to Dinner Key where I took sailing lessons…etc. It was a fun trip!

      Presently, I am in California. Not my first trip here, but it is always an inspiration to see the glorious and powerful works of our God here on the West Coast. Hope to post pictures when time allows.

      Will think about the reunion. I did not know about it; I’m off the radar.

      Blessings for your day ~


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